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How To Conserve Energy In Hot Climates

Supercharge Your Summer6 ways homeowners can conserve energy in hot climatesHome energy efficiency is more complicated in hot climates, so stick to the basics for best results.BYTINA

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The Real Estate Industry Celebrates Pride Month

Why the real estate industry is everything I love about Pride MonthBy: Kelli Hammock, Director of Information for Lighthouse Realty Professionals - POOER, GAHistorically, the real estate industry

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Home Buying Market So Brutal Some Home Buyers Make Offer Sight Unseen

"This spring home-buying season should be a coming-out party for Millennials, many of whom are finally ready to make a purchase after hunkering down for years in their parents’ basements or

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Certified Military Residential Specialist

Today I was trained to make a difference, to help military families one house at a time. It is important for me to give back to my community. And as a Savannah native I have first hand witnessed

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